Early voting opens in critical North Carolina

CBS News

By: Leigh Ann Caldwell

Even though Election Day is still 19 days away, voters in North Carolina today join voters in 19 other states already able to cast their ballots, allowing the state’s 6.5 million registered voters to vote even before the final presidential debate takes place.

President Obama beat John McCain in North Carolina in 2008 by fewer than 14,000 votes, and early voting is thought to have helped Mr. Obama, who received 56 percent of early voters (early voting made up 61 percent of North Carolina’s votes in 2008).

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Voter registration draws to close in four key states

Voters in four states crucial to the outcome of this year’s presidential election have just hours left to register to vote.

Four weeks from Election Day, the deadline to register to vote is Tuesday night in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Colorado and Florida.

Both campaigns have been working to increase the voter rolls with their supporters. The Obama campaign launched its “gottavote” bus tour, which has spent the past week in Ohio and is spending the final voter registration day in Democrat-heavy Cincinnati, working to register those last-minute supporters.

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Report: Roughly half of the 2008, first-time youth vote now unsure of registration status


Nearly half of the young voters who in 2008 registered and cast their first presidential ballot may have not updated their voter registration, according to a new survey, a situation that could most impact President Obama considering that voting bloc helped him to victory four years ago.

The finding by the non-partisan group HeadCount found that seven out of 10 young voters changed residence in the past four years, and 43 percent of those potential voters have yet to update their voter registration.

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Welcome to American Voter!

Welcome to American Voter!  So what is it?

Little Chris welcomes the country to American Voter

American Voter is a 100% non-partisan public service campaign of the American Bar Association Young Lawyers Division, dedicated to educating current and future voters about the history and importance of the right to vote. The project is run and presented like a grass-roots political campaign. It relies on a strong social media presence, personal communication, and, most important of all, dedicated stake-holder participation (ABA-YLD Affiliates and young lawyers across the United States).

The centerpiece of the American Voter project is American-Voter.org. This website serves multiple roles in the project. Its primary role is to facilitate the implementation of American Voter in communities across the country by local affiliates and young lawyers. This is done through the “Go Packet” section which contains every resource that an affiliate would need to formally present any law-focused education project in a classroom or community gathering. Components include:

Streaming and downloadable versions of Vote America! Honor the Fight, Exercise Your Right, a 30 minute award-winning documentary produced by the Texas Young Lawyers Association which outlines the struggles of previous generations to guarantee the right to vote for all citizens;

The American Voter Roll-Out Guide – A comprehensive step-by-step written walk-through of how to organize and conduct a roll-out of American Voter, or any education-based legal public service project;

A streaming model roll-out of American Voter;

State-specific Push Cards, intended to serve as classroom handouts, providing information or voter registration, election day procedure, resources for disabled voters, and QR codes that when scanned provide additional information on American-Voter.org;

Streaming lectures on election law and topics from leading university, law school professors, and election experts; and

An activity guide that includes information on voting benchmarks in history, voting laws, and group activities such as mock debates and elections.

American-Voter.org will also feature a call to action that includes voter registration and poll-watcher volunteer information, streaming live presentations of American-Voter rollouts, social media interaction, a WordPress blog updated daily, and much more.

Take a moment to look around! If you have any questions, or would like to implement American Voter in your community, give us a call at 312-988-5611 or send us an email at yld@americanbar.org.

Thank you for visiting American-Voter.org, and please remember to vote!

~ The ABA-YLD American Voter Committee

Late court decisions may impact 2012 election

Published September 02, 2012 - Associated Press

Before voters get a say in this year’s presidential race, lawyers and judges are having theirs.

A series of court battles in several states may determine, over the next several weeks, everything from how people cast their votes, when polling locations will be open and what ballots will look like. Many cases have a partisan bent, with rulings potentially tipping the scales slightly in favor of Democrats or Republicans.

The legal fights have entered an urgent phase, two months before the Nov. 6 election and just a few weeks before military and overseas absentee ballots must go out.
Pennsylvania lawyers recently filed briefs arguing whether an appeal on the state’s strict voter ID law should be held in September or October. Opponents won a mid-September court date, which is late even by their standards.

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Early voting kicks off weeks before 2012 presidential election day


CHARLOTTE, N.C. (AP) — Heard enough from the presidential candidates? Here’s an answer: Vote now and put the election behind you.

Early voting in the presidential race begins Thursday, and in the weeks to come millions of people in key states will cast ballots that could prove decisive on Election Day. They did in 2008, when President Barack Obama’s margin of victory relied to a great degree on early votes cast in such crucial states as Florida, Colorado, North Carolina and Iowa.

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